Sunday, May 8, 2011

30 April 2011

Even if you don't believe because it appears *too good to be true*, at least entertain the possibility.

1 May 2011

Almost all *certainties* encrust us in a hard shell of limited possibilities.

2 May 2011

The child is curious and that's why s/he grows so much.

3May 2011

More is exchanged outside words

4 May 2011

Pebbles too have the Life Force in them.  If we'd only allow ourselves to feel it!

5 May 2011

Don't assume that the familiar option is the easier one.  If you give yourself permission, you'll find the joyous option is much easier and infinitely more satisfying.

4 May 2011

*Safe* is for those resigned to surviving rather than thriving.

5 May 2011

Tomorrow was a perfect day, filled with the marvels of my desires realized.

6 May 2011

Don't be afraid of sadness.  It reminds you to reach for something better.

7 May 2011

Pain is the resistance you have to what is.

8 May 2011

Trust your heart to guide your head.

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