Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You will experience

You will experience what you *agree* to experience whether you like it or not.


  1. Even if you draw certain experiences to you, as you do, there is still a randomness and element of chance, as there is in nature, otherwise there would be stasis and no evolution in nature or human growth. Room must be allowed for interplay and growth that is not so mechanical. My best

  2. Count Sneaky (how I love saying that name silently in my head :)), the way I see it, what appears to be *random* and *chance* are the dots that we haven't found links for, not because they aren't there (as I believe everything is interconnected), but because we do not (as yet) have the level of awareness to see them.

  3. Repeat after me, "Count Sneaky, Count Sneaky, Count Sneaky..."
    I have to maintain the dictionary's definition of chance, "The happening of events without apparent cause. Unpredictable events." And, random, "Purposeless, haphazard." All things may well be interconnected, but the two things that make it work are unpredictability and purposelessness. Now, repeat after me, Count Sne........ My best.


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