Sunday, January 16, 2011

The less passionate I am

The less passionate I am about a task, the more easily I get distracted.


  1. Hm, 4 am, the best hour for orgasms, or so they say... I'll have to go through your little 4 am orgasmic snippets as soon as possible, dear TB! As I'm at work, I can only say: you're just SOOOOOO right about passion being at the core of concentration! I am very distracted (by your new blog at the moment, for instance), so you can guess just how hot my work must be! Lol I'll be back, as Arnie said, and have a refill of your morning orgasms...

  2. He he so I take it, work ain't crash hot then??? LOL As my muso friend would say (he hasn't but I can imagine him saying something like this), Find the passion, man! Find the passion!

    Thanks for being this blog's first 'follower'. Woo hoo!!!!


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